The Street Savvy Guide To The Spirit World

A guide to psychic abilities, secrets the afterlife do not want you to know, and their influence on our health and wealth

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Psychic and spiritual medium Phillip Fernsby has been in constant company and communication with the afterlife for many years. Now he has uncovered the secrets of life after death and beyond in The Street Savvy Guide To The Spirit World.

  • Solving the mystery of what happens after death. Learn how we exist outside of the physical and why death is not so final as many once thought.
  • The psychic's toolkit. Government developed intelligence is on the streets. An insight into mediums, telepathy, remote viewing, astral projection and more. Essential information for those that wish to unleash psychic abilities.
  • Psychic or Schizophrenic? Challenging the medical profession. Phillip explores the similarities between common mental health disorders and psychic medium skills.
  • Business and finance. Is our social and economic infrastructure under threat from some outside the physical? Insights into the current financial drain on our wealth.
  • Some human addictions may not be what they seem. Learn how to determine if you are under the influence of the afterlife.
  • Secrets of the underworld. Tricks of the trade some do not want you to know and know one else dared to reveal.

By the end of The Street Savvy Guide To The Spirit World, readers will possess a higher degree of psychic and spiritual awareness than 99.9% of the population. Prepare for an incredible insight into life after death and psychic phenomena.

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